pizza dough

  • 20 Week 16 submissions. This is the third most popular greatPANdemicbakeoff week after bagels and chocolate chip cookies. You can view them on Instagram (@greatPANdemicbakeoff).

    • 19 pizza submissions (which represents a ton of pizzas given most people made more than one pizza)

    • 1 calzone

  • Many pizza doughs rated 5 for structural integrity (I caved this week and accepted your between scores nonsense)

Popular Recipes

  • Roberta's (3) - I admittedly led to this popularity as I shared the recipe with eager Great PANdemic participants

Despite the non-competitive parameters of Great PANdemic Bake Off, I admittedly introduced competition for myself when challenging a friend to a stuffed deep dish pizza competition judged by one Chicagoan ("Pizczar"). I avoided embarrassment and won given I had more "balanced flavors." Turns out Pizcar does not like sausage discs that are too thick.